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  2. Clara Burns (Arthur’s Wife) in front of her house in Bothell, Wash.
  3. From left: John Richard, Francis Katherine, Emma Terry, Margaret Mary } Burns about 1921

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  1. Margaret Mary Burns, back porch of house at 1056 Hyde Park Bld. Dahlias and tomatoes grown hydroponically
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  3. Margaret Burns Ridge in Alexandria, VA
  4. Katherine Ridge 9 yrs., David Ridge 13 yrs. at 268 W. Central Ave. Delaware, Ohio

The last photo is my uncle and my mum!

(p.s. my mother is way cooler than her brother, just so you know)

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During WWII

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4418 Drexel Blvd. Chicago

I found this building on google maps!

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  1. John Richard Burns Sr., Vivian Sponsler Burns, John R. B. Jr., Curtis, Emma Myrtle Terry Burns, Harley E. Burns, Sarah Young Terry, Bryson Paine Burnham
  2. Harley E. Burns (b. 1881) in his law office in Col. Ohio
  3. Same group as before except Bryson took the picture and Frances is sitting between Father and Gammy

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  1. Cora Burns in her photograph studio about 1906
  2. Emma Myrtle Terry (left) about 18 yrs. old

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My grandmother and grandfather

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  1. '67 Smith Place? Alley behind Burns' and Fetzer's houses?
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  4. Summer 1927, John Richard Burns (sr.), Margaret Mary on lake at cottage on farm

A miscellaneous assortment of what’s to come.

The question marks are taken from the notes on the back of the photo, it looks like even they weren’t sure where/when it was.

The middle two are unmarked travel photos—there are so many more of these. I think some of them are from my mother and grandmother’s trip to Peru? But I don’t believe that accounts for all of them.

How I hope to run things…

I’ve never really taken on such a project before, but…I’ve attempted some organization.

I’ve grouped together similar pictures (travel photos, home-life, soldier shots, etc.) and will cycle through those. Or at least the more interesting ones.

Any information I can find will be provided in the photo-captions (so long as it fits, maybe just in the body of the post at times). If there aren’t any notes, you can assume the photo had none.

Still not sure how regularly this blog will update, as there are many, many pictures and I don’t want to flood dashboards. But I imagine it will operate out of the queue mostly, once I’ve got more photos scanned in.

So, yes. Enjoy!

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Things Left Behind

Cleaning out my grandmother’s house, my mother, sisters and I found boxes and boxes of old photos. Travel photos, my grandfather’s army days, dozens of baby photos, photos around the house, pets, relatives…

Some have notes on the back—names, dates. But many were left blank. And now, there is no one alive to tell us who is who, or when the photo was taken. We can guess on some of them, others are just a mystery. I’ll add information when I can.

This blog is an attempt to compile these photos, to share, to wonder.

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